The EGIDE Consortium is proud to be part of the organization of the upcoming Disaster & Resilience International Summit that will take place in Montreal on June 16-17-18, 2020. In addition to the various conferences organized about of resilience, this summit will be a place dedicated to the exchange of knowledge and development of evidence-based best practices beneficial to a multi-hazard approach.

Researchers, stakeholders and policymakers from different continents will be tasked with identifying the principal determinants that can impact the vulnerability and resilience of communities, depending on the range of hazards they face. By focusing on the needs of victims and at-risk populations, the Summit will allow participants to develop promising avenues for resilience-building.

The programming aims, among other things, to equip planners, managers and decision-makers with the necessary tools and understanding to develop comprehensive multi-hazard approaches, in conciliation with specific avenues offered by single-hazard procedures. Convergence with climate change adaptation and sustainable development strategies should help identify potential partnerships and provide a reflection on the beneficial impact of the resilience objectives within different societies.

Through this initiative, UQAM wishes to initiate a cycle of meetings by allowing other centers or institutes to organize future editions of the Summit in Canada or elsewhere and consult with the international community on the peculiarities of hazards, vulnerability and the resilience of their respective region. The Summit will provide an opportunity to create a global network of centers and institutes based on common interests and shared communities goals.

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